SEQUOX® Biological Nutrient Removal Process

Typical SEQUOX Biological Nutrient Removal Process Layout

Cost Effective Nutrient Removal

The patented SEQUOX Nutrient Removal Process is the latest innovation for biological nutrient removal from wastewater. Even if nutrient removal is not the primary objective, the SEQUOX process results in sufficient process improvements and energy savings to make it cost effective.

Superior Effluent Quality

SEQUOX offers the benefits of sequencing aeration with the reliability of continuous clarification. Excellent denitrification occurs, and levels of 3 mg/l for Total N have been achieved. Although results depend upon BOD to Total P ratio, some plants have produced effluent values for P approaching 1 mg/l. To achieve better solids settling, SEQUOX incorporates a selector tank to provide a preconditioning of raw wastewater that inhibits filamentous growth. The process is energy efficient and has a small footprint, lowering capital costs.

High Flow Capability

Combining the SEQUOX Process with the ClarAtor Clarifier offers the ability to handle up to 4:1 sustained peak flows, resulting in additional treatment without additional costs. If infiltration and inflow is a problem, the SEQUOX-HF system offers superior treatment capabilities without exceeding effluent standards.

SEQUOX Process Advantages:

  • Reduced energy requirement
  • Biological nutrient removal
  • Low levels of effluent N and P
  • Selector tank promotes rapid settling
  • Elimination of most chemical feed
  • Batch reaction, continuous withdrawal
  • Allows batch withdrawal for high flow
  • Dedicated nitrification tank
  • Sequencing without stopping blowers
  • Simple operation, minimal valves
  • No moving parts below water surface

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